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Our industries are experiencing basic challenges. From climate change and geopolitics to the energy market, we are facing new reality. Some people consider them a threat. At Chrisdolf, we believe our job is to turn them into opportunities. That’s why we look for new ways to use our expertise in the energy industry, discover new opportunities and promote innovation around the world. Our ambition is to become the world’s most efficient industrial solutions and services provider.

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Personnel Sourcing & Recruiting

We specialize with providing industries with savvy expert per required projects.

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Industrial Relation Services

Following our years of experience working with several industries we are confident of always creating a connect with other players when such need arises.

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Salary Administration Services

We take off the hassle of Salary structure automation and ensure efficiency.

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Staff Welfare Services

With our team of professionals we have over the years helped industries with effective and yet satisfactory means of handling Staff welfares.

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Project Management Services

Right on the go you can easily monitor our project milestone plan journey.

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PAYE/TAX Administration Services

We professionally ensure the administration of Staffs Paye/Tax needs.

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Staff Pension Administration

We have experience team that effectively handles the Staff pension contribution plan and advice across boards.

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Staff Life Insurance Administration

We handle and advice on best Life Insurance and Reward plan system that eases on the industry.

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Other Manpower Related Services

We also do pride ourselves with other manpower related services to effectively deliver.

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